Washington Red Raspberry Growers and Rubicon Bakers Announce National Rollout of Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes at Kroger Stores


For the first time, consumers nationwide can now purchase Rubicon Bakers’ Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes at over 1,800 Kroger stores through a creative collaboration between Washington red raspberry farmers and the Certified B Corporation. The national rollout follows the success of the new flavor launch last spring at a regional level. The Washington red raspberry industry partnered with Rubicon Bakers’ Research and Development team to feature a Washington red raspberry puree in both the filling and icing – the perfect complement to Rubicon’s light and citrusy vegan lemon cupcake.

To celebrate the national availability of this exciting product, Washington red raspberry growers will donate $1 to FareStart for every package of cupcakes sold, up to $10,000. FareStart is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Wash. that transforms lives, disrupts cycles of poverty and nourishes communities through food, life skills and job training. FareStart’s work is in line with Rubicon Bakers’ social mission to provide opportunities for those with significant barriers to employment.

Rubicon Bakers is committed to using its business as a force for good and helping people rebuild their lives by employing, training, and supporting those in need of a second chance. Rubicon Bakers seeks to “Bake a Better World” through its mission to help transform lives, its conscious business practices and the sourcing of honest ingredients free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives like Washington red raspberries.

“We believe in creating baked goods you can feel good about enjoying, and our Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes are no exception. The pink color in the icing and filling comes entirely from the vibrant red raspberry puree we source from Washington red raspberry growers,” said Andrew Stoloff and Leslie Crary, co-owners of Rubicon Bakers. “We’re thrilled to see how excited our customers are about this product, now available nationally, and we’re proud to continue working with Washington red raspberry growers!”

Rubicon Bakers’ newest vegan flavor uses Washington red raspberry puree to create a delicious icing featuring a rich pink hue and sweet-tart raspberry flavor achieved using just raspberries. Grown by family farmers—many of them multi-generational—Washington red raspberries are picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen within hours of being harvested, locking in flavor and nutrition. This is the first time the logo of the Washington Red Raspberry Commission, which represents the growers who produce approximately 90% of the country’s frozen red raspberry crop (the cool, marine climate of the Pacific Northwest creates the perfect growing conditions for raspberries), is prominently featured on a consumer packaged good. The commission proudly boasts about its affiliation with Rubicon Bakers too.

“It’s always a pleasure to introduce the many benefits of Washington red raspberries to research and development teams looking for natural and delicious ingredients, but this particular effort is special,” said Henry Bierlink, executive director of the Washington Red Raspberry Commission. “This is bigger than raspberries and cupcakes. We commend Rubicon Bakers for its commitment to hire and support those with significant barriers to employment. It’s our honor to extend that mission to our neighboring Seattle area by donating to FareStart in addition to the good that is done by purchasing the cupcakes.”

The Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcake is part of Rubicon Bakers’ popular line of vegan cupcakes and is now available nationally with distribution through Kroger’s 1,800 retail locations. The cupcakes are packaged in a 4-pack clamshell with a suggested retail price of $5.99.