Industry Update


As you know, the Processed Raspberry Research and Promotion Program was terminated on November 7, 2018, by a vote of domestic growers and importers of processed raspberries. A Board of Trustees appointed to oversee the orderly wind down of National Processed Raspberry Council (Council) activities and programs.

The Trustees have been working hard to wind down the Council’s activities and fulfill its obligations. We have shared the process with you, but we would like to present a quick recap and provide a few more updates.

Completed Activities:

  • A rulein the Federal Register terminated the requirement to collect assessments for the Processed Raspberry Promotion, Research, and Information Order. That rule was effective on February 21, 2019.
  • The Trustees met several times to wind down all the Council’s contracts, with a plan of shutting down all its activities by June 30. A major interest was continuing the research projects that the Council had already invested in. As such, researchers were instructed to consult with other groups to obtain funding to continue their projects.
  • We shared the status of pending researchin a recent update. We are glad to report that the Washington Red Raspberry Commission (WRRC) has pledged to fund the following studies and make them available to all the industry members that had already invested in these studies. This is a big step in helping the entire industry continue its mission to increase demand for processed raspberries! The studies include:
    • “Healthful Effects of Raspberry Polyphenols, Fiber and Other Raspberry Components”– Neil Shay, Oregon State University
    • “Role of Gut Microbiota on Cardiovascular Health; Benefits of Raspberry Consumption” – Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, Kings College
    • “Beneficial Effects of Raspberries in Overweight/Obese Individuals; Gut Microbiota” – Marie Claude Vohl, University of Laval
  • With hopes of finding organizations interested in using the Council’s intellectual property assets to help their organization continue a similar processed raspberry program, a Solicitation for Applicationswas announced. Known organizations were contacted and urged to apply for a transfer. After the application period ended, one application was fielded. As such, we are glad to announce that the Washington Red Raspberry Commission will receive a transfer of the following assets:


  1. RED RASPBERRIES (and Design): USPTO Reg. No. 4844812.
  2. RED. RASPBERRIES (and Design): USPTO Reg. No. 5286949.
  4. RED. RASPBERRIES (and Design): WIPO Filing Ref. No. A0082489.
  5. Domain Name ( and content on the website
  6. Social media content

*All of the social media account names and content can be transferred. However, the followers would not be eligible for a transfer. Social media followers would be directed to follow the account on the successor organization’s new site

On the Horizon

  • A closeout financial audit has been scheduled for August.
  • The Council’s website will not be updated after June 30. A static message with contact information will be provided for future website visitors.

The Trustees thank all of you for the important work you do to advance the interests of the processed raspberry industry. While it is sad that the Council’s activities will soon come to an end, we are confident that all the work that has been done has helped the industry and look forward to its continued success.