In the Spotlight: Articles Featuring Frozen Raspberries


Attendees at last summer’s harvest tour continue to educate their readers about the value of frozen raspberries:


Raspberry Chipotle Chicken with Lime + A Raspberry Farm Tour

Teaspoon of Spice Blog, by Serena Ball

This article includes a recap of the Raspberry Harvest Tour, and recognition of the culinary versatility of raspberries to pair well with other strong flavors like chipotle pepper and bright lime.


Should You Reach for Frozen Fruit When Fresh Isn’t in Season?

Food Network’s Healthy Eats Blog, by Cameron Curtis

This article highlights the benefits of frozen berries and includes raspberry nutrition information and recipes that incorporate frozen raspberries.


And there’s more!

Not All Processed Foods Are Created Equal

Huffington Post, Abby Langer

Abby Langer visited the NPRC’s booth at FNCE and wrote this excellent article for Huffington Post which highlights the benefits of some minimally processed foods, like frozen raspberries!


Nourish RDs Blog

Nourish RDs, McKenzie Hall and Lisa Samuel

The NPRC continues to work closely with McKenzie Hall and Lisa Samuel of Nourish RDs. They are always cooking up something delicious, good-for-you, and beautiful with frozen raspberries, such as these three new recipes: