National Processed Raspberry Council Unveils Video Series, “My Name is Haedyn”


A Glimpse of Life and Raspberries Through the Eyes of a Five-Year Old 5th Generation Raspberry Farmer


A new three-part video series,My Name is Haedyn, follows Haedyn Maberry in and around her family’s raspberry farm from winter to harvest as she watches the raspberries “sleep,” helps her uncle “fix” broken tractors, and prepares to freeze raspberries using “just cold air.” Discover the love, science, hard work, and generations—from 5-year-olds to 85 year-olds—that make the farming and processing of red raspberries a treasured passion.

My Name Is Haedyn

Raspberries have the reputation of being one of the most difficult fruits to grow—they are exceptionally delicate, require specific soil and climate conditions, and must be cared for 365 days a year. And to lock-in their iconic flavor and color, raspberries are harvested at peak ripeness and frozen (using only cold air) within a few hours. None of this would happen without dedicated, determined, and innovative farmers ready to take on the challenge—a challenge many raspberry farmers say they’ve been called to do.


What farmer does not dream of their work being passed down to the next generation, not only as work, but also as a noble and beautiful way of life—one that involves sharing your finished gifts (in this case, frozen raspberries) with the world?

My Name is Haedyn



Preview and share the trailer by clicking here and follow the trilogy by clicking the links below:

Sleeping Berries

Hard Work


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