The Online Buzz of #FrozenRaspberries


It’s been so fun to continually connect with bloggers, food professionals, and consumers through our social media channels. With this new wave of online communication, we’ve been able to share daily nutrition and health messages, as well as recipe ideas for frozen raspberries whether it’s for Father’s Day, the 4th of July, or for healthy eating motivation on Monday mornings.

Earlier this Summer, we co-hosted a Twitter chat with the non-profit organization, Kids Cook Monday in efforts to share nutrition tips and “fun and fruity” ideas for getting kids involved in cooking and healthy eating this summer. With the participants, we exchanged smoothie recipes, Popsicle recipes, favorite dishes to bring to a potluck, and more. It’s always so reinforcing to see how well received frozen raspberries are in the realm of our social media. The chat went exceptionally well, generating 12, 586 impressions for our @Red_Razz Twitter account alone. Since then, Kids Cook Monday has featured our Raspberry, Mango & Avocado Salad on their website homepage.

We’ve also unveiled Chef Nancy’s new recipes on all social media platforms, including her kid-friendly recipes, such as the Raspberry & Hazelnut Chocolate Stackers, Frozen Raspberry Berry Bites, and Red Raspberry Fruit Leather. We’ve highlighted frozen raspberries in sweeter recipes such as the Melon with Raspberry-Citrus Fruit Dressing and Layered Raspberry Chocolate Frozen Pie, and also in savory recipes, such as Jalapeno Sliders with Raspberry Mustard Spread and Apple-Raspberry Pepper Relish.

Twitter conversations with the hashtag #frozenraspberries have generated 29,806 impressions and reached 13,648 Twitter accounts. We’re excited for the conversation surrounding frozen raspberries to continue growing!