Build a Better Sandwich with Frozen Raspberries


Is your family tired of the same ol’ sandwich? Even the most classic sandwich combinations, like the iconic PB&J or grilled cheese, can get a little boring. Razz up your next sandwich and find your inspiration with these recipe ideas below.

PB & Crush Waffle Sandwich


PB & Crush Waffle Sandwich


Take a note from our friend, Katie Morford, MS, RD in her cookbook, Rise and Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings and give your “PB&J the breakfast treatment by toasting it in a waffle iron, which acts something like a Panini press.” The result is a crispy, crunchy exterior and ooey-gooey center. Opt for frozen raspberries in place of jam to cut back on the sugar in favor of a brighter, sweet-tart raspberry flavor. Take this sandwich on-the-go — “either for breakfast or wrapped up and tucked into a lunch box.”


Not Your Average Turkey Sandwich Not Your Average Turkey Sandwich


Think of a classic post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. You can bring back this flavor favorite year-round by creating your own turkey sandwich with frozen raspberries. On one side of the sandwich, simply spread thawed and smashed frozen raspberries, and then drizzle with maple syrup for a touch of satisfying sweetness.

Razzberry Grilled Cheese


Razzberry Grilled Cheese


Elevate your grilled cheese sandwich with raspberries! It’s sweet, tart, and savory all at the same time. It’s perfection. Either take our word for it, or make one for yourself!


Raspberry Ricotta Toast Raspberry Ricotta Toast


Hop on board the “trendy toast” bandwagon and try this elevated version of toast  – suitable for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.  In a medium bowl, combine ricotta cheese, a drizzle of honey, and vanilla – spread evening on the bread and top with a hearty scoop of Razz Crush!

Made from fully ripe, all natural sweet-tart frozen red raspberries, Razz Crush results when raspberries are slightly thawed and gently mashed with a rolling pin.

Want to make your own creation with some Razz Crush? Check out these tips on how to make your lunch more fun for you and the kids this school year!

How to build a better sandwich

  1. Choose your base. From sweet cinnamon raisin bread to hearty pumpernickel or rye to crowd-pleasing sourdough, the options are endless! Pita bread and wraps work well too.
  2. Pick you protein! Whether it is deli meat, nut butter or a cheese, any of these will pair great with Razz Crush.
  3. Add a flavor enhancer! Going for something sweet? Turn to honey, maple syrup, cinnamon or vanilla. Add some tang with grainy Dijon mustard. And up your veggie intake by adding dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, or arugula.
  4. Add Razz Crush to all of these combinations for a refreshing, flavorful, colorful recipe!


Leftover Razz Crush? Stir it in to oatmeal, add a scoop on of yogurt, use as topping on pancakes or waffles, or use as a filling in homemade pies.  You can use Razz Crush for savory applications, too!  Try it topped on grilled meat or seafood or stirred into sweet and savory salsas.