The Washington Red Raspberry Commission (WRRC) was formed in 1976 to support and promote the raspberry industry. We are comprised of 9 grower board members who oversee programs that facilitate cultural and harvesting improvements, and regulate unfair trade practices within the industry. 

We establish promotion plans and conduct programs for advertising, sales, promotion, and/or other programs for maintaining present markets and/or creating new or larger markets for raspberries. The Board also provides for research in the production and processing of raspberries.

There are over 40 different suppliers of red raspberry products who make up the Washington Red Raspberry Commission. Each company is committed to growing, harvesting and processing the highest quality berries in the world, and meeting the most stringent quality standards on the planet.

Join a Committee!

The Washington Red Raspberry Commission is seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to join its committees and work together to help move the Washington Red Raspberry industry forward. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please email Henry Bierlink at

Information & Resources

Looking for more information on what the Washington Red Raspberry Commission is doing to promote Washington raspberries? Below is our 10-year strategic plan, information on key partners and more.

  • Washington Red Raspberry Commission 10-Year Strategic Plan

    The purpose of this strategic plan is to establish clear goals, objectives and strategies to help the Washington Red Raspberry Commission achieve its mission and work toward its vision over the next 10 years. Download a copy to learn more about how WRRC is leveraging marketing, advocacy and research tactics to support the Washington red raspberry industry.


    Industry Survey Results

    FY22 Progress Report (as of April 2022)

    Rubicon Bakers
    Contact: Liana Barach

    The WRRC partnered with Rubicon Bakers to bring to market the first co-branded Washington Red Raspberry retail cupcake. Enjoy a taste at the Celebration event and learn about this collaboration.

    WRRC Baking Collaborative
    Contact: Mary Kimbrough, Wild Hive

    The WRRC secured a Specialty Crop Block Grant to fund a baking education and innovation project that is aimed at creating a network of influential bakers who understand, value and use frozen raspberry formats in baking. Learn more about this new grant!

    School Foodservice
    Contact: Rebecca Coste, Healthy School Recipes

    The WRRC is working with Healthy School Recipes to develop tools and resources, from webinars to recipes, for school foodservice professionals to help them incorporate more Washington Red Raspberries into school menus. Learn more about this exciting work.

    Download the K-12 Toolkit

    Watch the Core & More Webinar

    Download Core & More Handout

    WSDA Farm to School
    Contact: Annette Slonim, Farm to School Purchasing Grant Specialist

    The WRRC is working closely with the WSDA Farm to School Program, bringing together schools and agricultural producers in Washington to support expanding economic opportunities for farmers while educating students. Learn more about the WSDA program.

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