Frozen Raspberries



Washington Red Raspberry Growers and Rubicon Bakers Announce National Rollout of Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes at Kroger Stores

For the first time, consumers nationwide can now purchase Rubicon Bakers’ Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes at over 1,800 Kroger stores through a creative collaboration between Washington red raspberry farmers and the Certified B Corporation. The national rollout follows the success of the new flavor launch last spring at a regional level. The Washington red raspberry […]

YouTube Sensation, Blippi Wants to Teach Your Kids All About Frozen Raspberries!

If you’re a parent to young children, Blippi – the energetic and lovable, orange and blue clad character – is likely a well-known name in your household. Known for his educational YouTube show with over 1 billion views, Blippi’s innovative teaching lessons have taught millions of children about colors, letters, counting, and much more! In Blippi’s video, […]

Build a Better Sandwich with Frozen Raspberries

Is your family tired of the same ol’ sandwich? Even the most classic sandwich combinations, like the iconic PB&J or grilled cheese, can get a little boring. Razz up your next sandwich and find your inspiration with these recipe ideas below. PB & Crush Waffle Sandwich Take a note from our friend, Katie Morford, MS, […]

Tasty Toast Ideas Using Razz Crush

Toast doesn’t always have to be served at breakfast. Artisan toasts are making their way onto popular restaurant menus and are being served for every meal of the day. Not sure how to “toast” things up with frozen raspberries? Start by making Razz Crush! Razz Crush results when frozen raspberries are slightly thawed and gently mashed […]

Create New Condiments with Red Raspberries

The sweetness of red raspberries partners equally well with spicy, smoky or umami flavors, opening up a wide array of condiment and sauce options! Create these elevated condiment ideas in your kitchen – all inspired by frozen raspberries! Raspberry Balsamic BBQ Use equal parts raspberry and tomato into a sweet-sour-spice base for a sophisticated twist […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Using Frozen Raspberries

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At the very least, it’s an opportunity to fuel your morning and fit in some vital nutrients. When frozen red raspberries are on the menu, you’ll be kicking your day off with gorgeous gems that are an excellent source of immune-supporting vitamin […]

Add Festive Flare to Holiday Dishes With Frozen Raspberries

In addition to packing immune-supporting vitamin C and dietary fiber, raspberries contain antioxidants.  Boasting one of the lowest sugar contents compared to other berries, red raspberries are simply gorgeous. Their ruby red hue makes this festive fruit a perfect choice for a number of holiday dishes. But even when their color is masked by cocoa, […]