Cool off with Frozen Raspberry Treats


It’s that time of year when it feels appropriate to break out of our rigid weekly routines to enjoy the warmer temps and longer days. Go ahead and give yourself some extra time to play in the park with the kids or go on an evening stroll with a friend.

While it may be the warmer weather that keeps us moving and motivated during this time of year, food should be able to keep us fueled, energized, and feeling good the whole year through. Frozen raspberries are a great food choice to refuel after a long hike, tennis match, or dip in the pool. According to a recent review, evidence suggests that the vitamin C, fiber, and phytochemicals in red raspberries may be the key to their health promoting properties – including their anti-inflammatory activity.

Here are three frozen raspberry treats that will help keep you cool during the sunny days this spring and summer.


1. Raspberry Greek Yogurt Bark. Made with only whole food ingredients and packed with protein, fiber and healthy fat, a piece or two of this will fuel your activities in between mealtime. This is also a fun recipe to whip up with the kids – ask them to help you stir the ingredients and spread out the mixture on a baking sheet. Be forewarned that this bark melts quickly, but it’s so good, you should have no trouble gobbling it up in time!Raspberry Greek Yogurt Bark


2. Spicy Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Yogurt. Frozen yogurt made with dark chocolate chunks and a hint of spice makes this dessert an irresistible and refreshing treat! No ice cream maker? No problem! You can make this fancy dessert without one just fine.

Spicy Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Yogurt


3. Raspberry Sorbet. With only three ingredients and made primarily with frozen red raspberries, this sweet-tart treat is ready to eat in merely a matter of minutes! This beautifully colored sorbet is a dessert you can truly feel good about eating.

Raspberry Sorbet