Create New Condiments with Red Raspberries


The sweetness of red raspberries partners equally well with spicy, smoky or umami flavors, opening up a wide array of condiment and sauce options!

Create these elevated condiment ideas in your kitchen – all inspired by frozen raspberries!

Raspberry Balsamic BBQ

Use equal parts raspberry and tomato into a sweet-sour-spice base for a sophisticated twist on a classic for use as a topping or mop. Great topped on salads, used as a marinade, or for dipping veggies!

Raspberry-Pineapple Salsa

Why enjoy just one fruit when you can have two? Sweet heat satisfies as a chip dip on a cheese tray and, savory and spicy saves the day as a unique chip dip and brightens meat and seafood.

Raspberry and Caramelized Onion Chutney

Sweet, tangy and savory describe this accompaniment for cheese, swirled into hummus or layered in sandwiches.

Raspberry Pickled Onions

Add beautiful jewel color and a hint of red raspberry to pickled onions.

Raspberry Butter

Red raspberry puree creates a beautiful spin on a signature meal accompaniment!

Razzy Ranch

The quintessential salad dressing and dip gets a flavor boost and rosy hue from sweet ‘n tangy red raspberries!

Raspberry Salad Dressing

Elevate a simple salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette! It’s a sweet and tart vinaigrette made from frozen red raspberries, red wine vinegar and shallot. The dressing is emulsified with Dijon mustard and almond oil.

Condiment Collage


Raspberry Vinaigrette