Include Frozen Raspberries In Your Springtime Picnic Basket


Raspberries and warm weather go together like Popsicles and pools, BBQs and potlucks, and s’mores and campfires. We’ve been told time and time again: “raspberries taste like summer” and we couldn’t agree more. While growing and nurturing this delicate fruit is a 12-month operation, the intense summer harvest season lasts only a few weeks. That’s why the best way to enjoy this summer sensation before harvest has hit is to head to your freezer aisle and pick up a bag of frozen raspberries. With picnic season now in full swing and the weather warming up, add frozen raspberries to your basket for a little taste of summer in the middle of spring. Go ahead and have a spring fling with frozen raspberries. They’re tart, sweet, and undeniably sassy.


Here are 3 fun ways you can incorporate frozen raspberries in your springtime picnic:


  1. Heighten your hydration. Add a little bit of elegance and flair to otherwise ordinary water. Add frozen raspberries to a glass of sparking water, freeze frozen raspberries into ice cubes, or muddle frozen raspberries in a glass of unsweetened iced tea!Raspberry Ice Cubes
  2. Go with the Grain. Unlike green salads, grain salads will stay fresh-tasting for a long time after you made them. That’s because rather than wilting, they soak up the flavors and keep getting better and better. Try this Black Rice and Raspberry Salad.Black Rice and Raspberry Salad
  3. For dessert, try a “deconstructed” treat. In other words, make a raspberry crisp or crumble. It doesn’t matter if fruit crisps get jostled in your picnic basket – they’re a perfectly deconstructed dessert already! Try this Raspberry Apple Granola CrumbleRaspberry Apple Granola Crumble