Razz Crush Toast


Toast doesn’t always have to be served at breakfast. Artisan toasts are making their way onto popular restaurant menus and are being served for every meal of the day.


Not sure how to “toast” things up with frozen raspberries?


Start by making Razz Crush! Razz Crush results when raspberries are slightly thawed and gently mashed with a rolling pin. The real fruit juice released during thawing increases flavor complexity adding a sweet-tart tang, bright color and popular fruit profile to sauces, condiments, baked goods, beverages, and…toasts! Razz Crush is chock full of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, as well as fiber, and made of just one naturally sweet-tart ingredient: whole, unsweetened frozen red raspberries.

How to Make Razz Crush


Keep a bag or two of frozen raspberries in the freezer to pour out just what you need, when you need it. Or, keep leftover Razz Crush in your fridge at all times for when your next toast craving strikes!


For Razz Crush toast, think of simple, yet delicious combinations of your favorite ingredients. Savory + spicy + sweet or a combination of all three. Frozen red raspberries can pair well with all three of those flavor profiles while adding nutrients, color and flavor.


Be-Razzle up your toast with some of these delicious and nutritious Razz Crush combinations:


 The salty, sweet, and smoky flavors of bacon pair with both the bright and the sweet floral side of raspberries. Add Razz Crush to toast topped with smoked turkey or use for an artisan BLT!


Razz Crush BLT


Razz Crush BLT


Turkey & Razz Crush


Razz Crush + Dijon + smoked turkey




The sweet and tart flavors of raspberries make them versatile from a culinary standpoint, pairing well with dairy and cheeses, such as Brie, Parmesan, goat cheese, or ricotta!


Razz Crush + arugula + prosciutto + Parmesan


Razz Crush + arugula + prosciutto + Parmesan Razz Crush n' Cream Razz Crush 'n Cream



Nothing better than the iconic PB&J. Opt for frozen raspberries in place of most jams to reduce the amount of added sugar in favor of a bright, sweet-tart raspberry flavor.


Nuts for Razz Crush

Nuts for Razz Crush


There’s no denying that raspberries can bring out the best in chocolate and vanilla flavors!


Razz Crush Birthday Toast Razz Crush Birthday Toast


Crush & Chocolate

Razz Crush & Chocolate Toast





Leftover  Razz  Crush?  Stir it in to oatmeal, add a scoop on top of yogurt, use as topping on pancakes or waffles, or use as a filling in homemade pies.  You can use Razz Crush for savory applications, too!  Try it topped on grilled meat or seafood or stirred into sweet and savory salsas.