YouTube Sensation, Blippi Wants to Teach Your Kids All About Frozen Raspberries!


If you’re a parent to young children, Blippi – the energetic and lovable, orange and blue clad character – is likely a well-known name in your household. Known for his educational YouTube show with over 1 billion views, Blippi’s innovative teaching lessons have taught millions of children about colors, letters, counting, and much more!

In Blippi’s most recent video, your child will take a tour with Blippi on a raspberry farm, in the “freezing raspberry factory,” and at the grocery store –  to learn how raspberries are grown, harvested, and frozen at the peak of ripeness. Blippi also shares delicious ways to enjoy this wholesome fruit at home. Your kids will love dancing and singing along with Blippi’s fun Raspberry Song, too!

Watch Blippi’s video all about frozen raspberries by clicking here!