Bursting with a sweet-tart flavor and vibrant red color, red raspberries are among the most widely enjoyed berries in the United States. While growing and nurturing this delicate fruit is a 12-month operation, the intense summer harvest season lasts only a few weeks. The best way to enjoy this summer sensation year-round is from the freezer. Frozen red raspberries add a bright sweet-tart flavor to a variety of menu items. These resources will help you fully utilize this versatile, delicious and nutritious fruit.

Why Washington Red Razz

Learn about the benefits of using frozen red raspberries in your school nutrition program.

Red Razz Product Forms

Find out about frozen red raspberry product formats and the uses
of each.

Red Razz Flavor Guide

Use the flavor guide to partner raspberries with many different
complementary foods.

Menu Inspiration

Add some excitement to your menu with these creative, easy to implement ideas.

Red Razz Condiments

Enhance condiment versatility and flavor with these raspberry

Sensational Simple Raspberry Smoothies

Learn how to create amazing blenderless smoothies using frozen
raspberry puree.

Red Razz Year Round

Bring the taste of summer to your menu year-round with Washington Red Raspberry products.

Healthy School Recipes Webinar Coreā€¦And More!

Efficiently managing your inventory while offering a creative, appealing menu with options students will love can be a challenge. This virtual training conducted by Healthy School Recipes will help you examine your inventory and how you can maximize your menu by making each inventory item work harder. Chef Samantha Gasbarro, SNS, will show this concept demonstrating how to multitask inventory items with 3 recipes. Click here for the training handout and recipes.

Healthy School Recipe Webinar

This one-hour Healthy School Recipes webinar features Cathy Powers, and Chefs Garrett Berdan, Rebecca Polson and Samantha Gasbarro discussing how to use frozen Washington Red Raspberries in school menus.

Complete Red Razz Toolkit

Download all the red razz information you need in one document.