Top Ten Ways to Crush on Frozen Raspberries


Frozen Red Raspberry Crush is a simple and easy way to elevate your recipes and meals without any additional cleanup required. It’s chock full of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, as well as fiber, and made of just one naturally sweet-tart ingredient: whole, unsweetened frozen red raspberries.

Frozen Red Raspberry Crush is unique to frozen raspberries – the real fruit juice released from the frozen raspberries during the thawing process acts as a naturally sweet-tart way to brighten your dishes. With an intense sweet-tart flavor, Frozen Red Raspberry Crush can heighten a simple salsa, stack of pancakes, or bowl of ice cream.

Razz Crush Oatmeal
  1. Make it a PB & Crush. Start your day with a slice of peanut butter toast topped with a heaping spoonful of this crush-worthy jam alternative.
  2. Stir it in to oatmeal. Drop a scoop into a simmering pot or bowl of oatmeal – the vibrant juices will burst and naturally sweeten your oats.
  3. Poured over a stack of pancakes as a “syrupy” topping. Add a satisfying sweet-tart topping to your stack of pancakes or waffles without any added sugar.
  4. Top on grilled meats or seafood. Compliment grilled meat flawlessly with a simple Razz Crush reduction. Reduce over low-heat with a light pour of balsamic vinegar, spices of your choice, and a touch of butter for a savory compote.
  5. Use as the base of sweet-savory salsaAdd fruit-filled flavor to chip’s favorite companion.
  6. Raise the bar with raspberry cocktails. Use in a raspberry-infused Cosmo or drop in a glass of Prosecco.
  7. Whisk it in a salad dressing. Blend or whisk together olive oil, your favorite vinegar, Razz Crush, and a clove or two of garlic for a stellar raspberry vinaigrette. Or, for a pink-hued creamy dressing your kids will love, try a homemade Raspberry Ranch!
  8. Make it a marinade. In a ziplock-style bag, add the Crush along with lemon or lime, spices and herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, dried chili flakes, or thyme. Allow your meat or seafood to marinade before heating up the grill!
  9. Added to a fruit punchAdd a festive touch to your holiday punch or a raspberry red color and flare to your springtime sangria – toss in a full bag of Razz Crush.
  10. Elevate simple desserts. Use as a filling or topping on pavlova, fold into fools, layer in parfaits, or top on vanilla ice cream.


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