Raspberry Ginger Sweet Tart

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Serves Two 6 oz. servings
submitted by: Mary Kimbrough


Raspberry Ginger Sweet Tart
1 Cup Raspberries, frozen IQF, partially thawed (reserve 2 frozen raspberries for garnish)
1 Apple, Granny Smith, cored and quartered
1 Cup Grapes, green, seedless, stem removed, frozen
1 Cup Cucumber, peeled and quartered
1 Inch Piece (approx.) Ginger, fresh, peeled
2 Tablespoons Lemon, fresh juice
1/2 Cup Water, sparkling or still, chilled


1. Assemble juicer for processing.
2. Remove frozen raspberries from freezer and allow to partially thawing prior to processing 10-15 minutes. Raspberries can be processed from frozen.
3. Add all ingredients through the juicer except lemon juice and water.
4. Stir lemon juice and water into juice to reach 12 fl oz.
5. Stir or shake the juice and pour into two glasses. Cover and refrigerate juice if not consumed immediately.
6. Top with one frozen raspberry per serving.
7. Serve.

Nutrition Info

  • Nutrition (per 6 oz serving):
  • CALORIES: 120
  • FAT: 0g
  • SUGAR: 24g
  • FIBER: 0g
  • PROTEIN: 2g
  • SODIUM: 5mg


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