Raise the Bar with Frozen Raspberries


Baristas, mixologists, and aspiring beverage pros select frozen raspberries for many reasons: extraordinary sweet-tart berry flavor and vibrant ruby red color. Whether you’re aiming to whip up a signature cocktail, flavorful smoothie, or festive holiday punch, frozen red raspberries offer coveted, premium fruit appeal that’s not easily duplicated or mimicked with artificial ingredients.

Raise the bar with these raspberry ideas:


Classics Come Clean


Cocktails are the next frontier for clean, natural ingredients. That means no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, and artificial colors.

An inspired variation on a classic, the Razzy Mary starts by juicing red raspberries with celery, cucumber, green apple and jalapeno. The results mimic the texture and flavor notes of the best Bloody Mary mixes.

Infusing simple or agave syrup with red raspberry preserves the berry’s natural essence and adds craveability to Margaritas and Mojitos.

Pureed or muddled red raspberries add a beautiful ruby layer to a premium Tequila Sun Razz.



Bitters and Sours



Bitters and Sours


DIY raspberry bitters enliven signature cocktails. The tangy acidity of a raspberry shrub lends itself to a lot of creativity. Raspberry shrub with sparkling soda is pure refreshment!


Raspberry Shrub




Handcrafted Non-Alcoholic


Let all-natural red raspberries elevate scratch-made artisan sodas, agua frescas, lemonades, iced coffees and teas.


Love Your Heart Raspberry Frappe



Red Party Punch is Back!


Revived from the past, today’s punch can be poured, dipped, or dispensed for countless thirsty drinkers.

For starters, try our Razz Crush Red Party Punch, a raspberry-centric quencher that’s less sweet, with a citrus tang and the tropical allure of pineapple. To celebrate paradise in a glass, top off Razz Crush Party Punch with sparkling wine.


Red Party Punch is Back!




Holiday Razz Ginger Cider Razz Up Smoothies


When you’re keeping track of fiber and sugar, remember that red raspberries are one of the lowest sugar and highest fiber berries. Flash frozen within hours of harvest, frozen red raspberries offer a consistent, just-picked favor year-round for your handcrafted homemade smoothies!


Raspberry Almond Smoothie-8


A Nutty Idea


Nut milks add unique flavors and textures to beverage menus. Sweet-tart red raspberries counter the richness of nuts milks.

Almond Butter and Raspberry Smoothie combines almond milk almond butter, red raspberries, banana, oats and honey for a breakfast of champions or an all-day snack.


Almond Butter & J Breakfast Smoothie