Brighten Up Your Holidays with Frozen Raspberries


It’s the most wonderful time of the cook with frozen raspberries, that is! Aside from their joyful, jewel-toned color, frozen raspberries’ sweet and tart flavors enhance the flavor of a wide-range of dishes. Chef Sharon Hage says it best, “Equally delicious partnered with smoky, piquant, sweet, and umami flavors, the raspberry’s singular flavor, aroma, brightness, and color make it an essential ingredient for today’s cured meat plates, grain and vegetable-based entrees, and desserts – as well as the classics.” For more recipe flavor inspiration, be sure to check out the Raspberry Flavor Pairing Guide.

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Not only do raspberries lend the perfect seasonal twist to homemade gifts from the kitchen, these bright red berries offer numerous nutritional benefits. A one-cup serving of frozen raspberries contains 60 percent of the dietary allowance for vitamin C. So, not only do you pump up the flavor and festivity to your homemade holiday dishes by incorporating frozen raspberries, you also pump your immune system, too – something we can all benefit from during the busy holiday season. And frozen raspberries – which are flash frozen at the optimal moment of freshness – can be enjoyed anytime of year…even in the midst of the holiday season.

Follow our winter-inspired raspberry tips to help keep your holiday spirits filled with cheer.


Winter-Inspired Ways to Use Frozen Raspberries:

Bake oatmeal with frozen red raspberries.

Top pancakes or toast with a homemade raspberry jam.

Slow cook pot roasts and meat loafs with a red raspberry glaze.

Pair frozen raspberries with your favorite grains and lettuces for a hearty winter salad.

Sip on a naturally red, festive signature drink like this Razz Crush Red Party Punch.

Bring raspberry cookies your next holiday party, such as the Raspberry Biscotti below.


Raspberry White Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Food gifts never seem to fail. They can please the trickiest person on your list. Bring these Raspberry Biscotti to your next holiday party whether it’s to give to the hostess or to use in the holiday gift exchange.

 White Chocolate Raspberry Biscotti

Get the full recipe for the Raspberry White Chocolate Biscotti here.